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Welcome to a new School year!

It’s lovely to see everyone again at Holt House and to meet our new families. The children are all enjoying their new classes and are already doing some great learning. The Y1s are especially excited about being able to play on the big bottom yard!

The Local Authority are now having a formal consultation about the proposals to amalgamate Holt House and Carterknowle schools...

Home-School Diaries
Children are being given their new home-school diaries...

Staff News
Welcome to Miss Sheldon, who is teaching the Y1 Sparrows class; Mr Calcutt, who is a student teacher in the Y2 Rhinos class and Mrs Lane, who is teaching part-time in the F2 Hedgehogs Class...

School Uniform
Thank you for all the hard work it takes to get your child’s uniform ready for the new school year....