Y2 Curriculum

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Year 2 Curriculum

Y2 is a fun filled year where we build on the knowledge and skills the children have already learnt, encouraging them to unlock skills which will drive their creativity in a dynamic way.  We work together to solve problems, think critically, be creative and challenge views. We continue to use the outdoors to enrich learning.

Our projects make the curriculum current and relevant, contextualising the world in which we live and encouraging us to care about our role as responsible citizens. We develop our aspiration for the future by having links with local businesses and Sheffield University.

Staying Alive
The children build on their knowledge of being healthy and how Florence Nightingale had an impact on nursing today. We investigate different food groups and use our knowledge to plan, create and make a healthy sandwich as our final product.

Magnificent Materials
In this project we develop our knowledge of different materials, developing our roles as a responsible citizen by looking at the impact of different materials on the environment.  We participate in a Waste Recycling Workshop, finding out how different materials are recycled.  We look at local shops which are trying to help reduce the amount of waste. We discover the work of designers William Morris and Cath Kidston. Our end product is a Tote bag, made out of an old T-shirt.

Home and Away
We study the locality of Sheffield and compare this with Lahore in Pakistan. We build our knowledge of human and physical features and look at how the countries are similar and different. We find out about the cultures of both countries and how they have influenced each other. The highlight of this project is our visit to Sheffield Town Hall and then having lunch at Aagraah’s Restaurant! We further develop our understanding of religion by visiting Sheffield Cathedral and Madina Mosque. The project finishes with a celebration afternoon for parents where the children prepare food, perform dances and share their learning.

Seaside Rescue
In the last project we visit Withernsea, climb the lighthouse, visited the RNLI station and create sculptures on the beach, using Andy Goldworthy as our inspiration. We find out about the events of the Titanic and build our own model boat with an anchor and sail. We look at the work of Van Gogh and Lowry and use this to create our own seascapes. Our final product is a Museum and Art Gallery of our work.

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