Y1 Curriculum

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Year 1 Curriculum

Year 1 Projects
In Year One we challenge ourselves to learn new things and are proud of each other when we achieve them. We do projects where we investigate questions and find out more about the world around us. We enjoy being active and creative and sharing our learning with friends and family.

Super Senses
Our project begins with a visit from a guest speaker and guide dog. The children then learn about the five senses, and the life of an inspirational person (Louis Braille). Throughout the project the children become confident scientists who ask questions linked to our senses and carry out experiments to answer them. At the end of the project children produce their own musical instrument.

Time Travellers
This project gives children the chance to become historians, learning about the history of steel making in our home city. We visit Kelham Island to do some exciting workshops, including dressing up in steel makers’ clothes and seeing the impressive River Don engine in action.  The children then become makers themselves, creating a large scale map of the local area to show how it has changed over time.

Amazing Animals
This fascinating project starts with all of the children selecting an information book about an animal. For the rest of the half term each child works on their own project learning about things like the diet of their animal and which continent(s) it lives in. At the end of this term- long project the children go to visit their animals at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, where they can tell their group all of the information that they have learnt.

Perfect Plants
Children learn to identify different trees from looking at leaves and they carry out some interesting experiments to discover if statements are true or false. We visit the beautiful gardens at Chatsworth to appreciate and take photos of plants. This final term is also full of lots of plant themed art work, including sculpture and painting. We end the year with an art gallery and garden party, where friends and family are invited to look at our art work and snack on some of the produce that we have grown in the outdoor area!

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