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Governing Body

Headteacher: Helen Haynes
Associate Governor: Ghazala Kauser
Clerk: Gaynor Tyrrell

Parent Governors
Louise Green
Amanda Livesey
LA Governor 
Shabnam Shah
Staff Governors
Michelle Powell
Co-opted Governors
Tracey Moore (Chair)
Ed Thatcher
Binnie Copley
Tobias Fisher
Roberta Reilly

School Development Committee/Strategic Group (SDC)
This group plays a key role in managing the business and ensuring that committee work is
1. Helen Haynes: Headteacher
2. Tracey Moore: Chair of Governors
3. Ed Thatcher: Chair of the Resource Management Committee
4. Louise Green: Chair of the Equalities & Standards committee

Resource Management Committee (RMC)
This group determines and reviews financial policy including consideration of long term planning and resourcing. It also is aware of and advises the governing body on legal requirements and procedures relating to personnel issues.
1. Ed Thatcher (Chair)
2. Helen Haynes
3. Tracey Moore
4. Binnie Copley
5. Michelle Powell

Equalities & Standards Committee (ESC)
This group monitors regularly the progress towards in-year attainment targets for all children. It also is aware of and advises the governing body on the legal responsibilities of governors in terms of Curriculum provision and assessment including Special Educational Needs provision.
1. Louise Green (Chair)
2. Helen Haynes
3. Roberta Reilly
4. Shabnam Shah
5. Ghazala Kauser – Assoc
6. Amanda Livesey

Positive feedback or suggestions are always welcome and can be sent to

If a parent or carer has a concern then they should see their child’s teacher or the headteacher. If the headteacher cannot resolve the issue, then it should be put in writing and marked for the attention of the chair of governors and handed into the school office c/o Mrs Tyrrell: Clerk to the Governors.

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