Pre-School Curriculum

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Pre-School Curriculum

Pre-School Projects

In Pre-School we provide the children with a rich learning environment, meeting all the children’s individual needs.

Celebrate good times On entering our Pre-School children we will immersed with the celebrations around them. We will provide opportunities for children to learn the importance of all celebrations in all faiths.

It’s cold outside! During the winter months we wrap up warm and investigate an outdoor winter wonderland. The children will also find out all about the celebrations that happen during the winter months. As the New Year draws in the children find out about how other cultures celebrate a New Year.

Spring has sprung As new life emerges around us we look closely at how the weather has changed and also how our environment has blossomed. We investigate the changes that are happening and look closely at how this has affected our outdoor area.

Watch me grow Not only have we grown but the other things around us have started to grow too. We watch as tadpoles turn into frogs and flowers blossom from the seeds which we planted.

Changes As we get ready to start school we talk about the seminaries of the learning environments and the environments around us. We discover an excitement for starting school as we prepare for the next steps in our journey.

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