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Reception Curriculum

The richness of the Reception curriculum gives children an exciting and nurtured start to school. We will take the children on journeys in and out of the classroom to broaden their knowledge and understanding of the world around them.All about me

As the children begin their journey to school we learn all about ourselves. This involves learning about others and similarities and differences between us and our friends. We find out how much we have grown and changed since we were born.

Let’s celebrate!
As various holidays and celebrations approach we learn about many different celebrations celebrated by ourselves and others. We respect each other’s beliefs and learn how others celebrate in a different way to us.

Once upon a time
As we focus on story telling we learn about the way which stories are structured and how ‘traditional’ stories can differ depending on the author. We learn about the story of the gingerbread man and how the story can change. We finish our project by making a gingerbread man and enjoying it at home with our families.

Down at the bottom of the garden
We look closely at the animals and creatures that live in our gardens. We adopt some caterpillars in class and watch their full lifecycle as they turn into butterflies. We take a trip to the Butterfly House where a team of experts tell us about the animals that we might see in our wildlife and how we can help to look after the world around us.

How does your garden grow?
In this project we grow our very own fruit and vegetables as we find out how plants grow and what we need to do to take care of them. We look closely at seeds and soil to help us understand the world that is around us. We visit Whirlow Farm to find out how a farm grows food and help us learn more about growing.

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside!
We are extending our knowledge and understanding of the world by focusing on what England is like on a greater scale. We will talk about holidays and find different holiday destinations on our globe. We will learn about sea creatures and how they need our help to stay alive. We will also take a trip to Cleethorpes where we will find out more about a local seaside town.

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