Staff List

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Holt House Infant School staff make a talented and dedicated team, who are committed to helping each and every child. The teaching staff includes a local leader of education and four specialist leaders of education – national designations of excellence. Staff work in partnership with Carterknowle Junior School staff to ensure excellent continuity and progression from infant to junior school.

You can contact your child’s teacher in a variety of ways: writing in the home/school diary, seeing one of the staff members on duty, attending a school event, sending an email, writing a note or telephoning. All contact details can be accessed from the ‘contact us’ tab.

Staff Structure

Helen Haynes: Headteacher of the Holt House and Carterknowle Schools Federation
Rachel Watterson: Personal Assistant to the headteacher and deputies

Senior Leadership Team:

Roberta Reilly: Deputy Headteacher (4 days) & Y2 teacher (2 days)
Sally Ismay: Deputy Headteacher (1 day) & Y2 teacher (3 days)
Gaynor Tyrrell: School Business Manager

Middle Leaders:

Charlotte Mugglestone: Year 1 Co-ordinator and Student/NQT Mentor
Rachel Mountford : Foundation Stage 2 Co-ordinator (temporary)
Shadia Miller: Pre-School Leader


Freya Sheldon: Year 2 Teacher
Sophie Newton: Year 1 Teacher
Rebecca Lane: Foundation Stage 2 Teacher (temporary)
Alison Jessop: Year 2 Teacher (2.4 days)


Diane Dubois: Senior Teaching Assistant
Sarah Mellers : Teaching Assistant
Zareen Bibi: Teaching Assistant (on maternity leave)
Joanna Tracey: Teaching Assistant

Support Staff:

Judith Waters: Higher Level Teaching Assistant (2.5 days) Senior TA (2.5 days)
Emma Traynor: Higher Level Teaching Assistant (2.5 days) Senior TA (2.5 days)
Lisa Hutchings: Senior Teaching Assistant
Louise Raza: Teaching Assistant
Angela Firth: Senior TA; Midday Supervisor; Smart Kids Co-ordinator
Michelle Powell: Teaching Assistant; Smart Kids Co-ordinator
Ratna Khanom: Teaching Assistant
Tracy Burgess: Teaching Assistant
Sally Ward: Teaching Assistant (cover)
Jackie Crawford: SEN Teaching Assistant; Lunchtime Supervisor
Zoe Whichello: Lunchtime Supervisor
Fozia Hussain : Lunchtime Supervisor
Eleanor Spivey: Lunchtime Supervisor
Shirley Kaufman: Lunchtime Supervisor
Sabah Khan: Lunchtime Supervisor

Admin and Maintenance:

Michael Hitchcock: Caretaker
Natalie Bailey: Admin & Clerical Assistant
Mei Yee Chan: Cleaner
Zainab Mohammed: Cleaner
Grace Wanyana: Cleaner